– 1976-92 Designer and Art Director with Ted Bates, Liljedal & Co and Blå Annonsbyrån, Helsingborg , Sweden.

– Painting, graphics and photography with Prof. Oswald Oberhuber at the Vienna Academy of Applied Arts in Austria.

– Awarded the City of Vienna prize for best diploma from the Vienna Academy of Applied Arts, Austria.

Artistic form and colour setting Hackan Quarter, Växjö, Schweden.
8 murals in the Oden Quarter, Helsingborg, Sweden.
11 installations for Procordia, Frösundavik, Stockholm, Sweden.
Artistic form and colour setting Höskrindan Quarter and Påarpschool, Helsingborg, Schweden.
2 monumental Murals at Västra Bergaschool, Helsingborg, Sweden
Setdesigns and costumes for teater and film.
Design and PR material for filmproductions.

Museum of Applied Art and the Minestry of Finanse in Vienna, Austria
Region Skåne and State Art Comission Sweden.
Some 30 paintings, purchasedby local authorities and county Concils, throughout the whole country,
Astra Zeneca, Göteborg, Ikea, Skånes fagerhults Parish,
The Agricultural Department, Cultural Boards in Ängelholm and in Västergötland.
Private collections: Alvise Illa Braga, Milan, Italy.
Kurt and Andrea Lintner Steinach, Tyrol, Austria.

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