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VG: Superb… almost stunning new gallery of people. Intensive, fast, fascinating – the acting is brilliant from A to Z.

TÖNSBERGS BLAD: A great new Norwegian thriller with quite a few stunningly fast twists and turns. Superb acting and some surprising devices make this film one of Easter’s positive surprises.

ROMERIKES BLAD: (5 Star rating on a scale of 1-6). DEN SOM FRYKTER ULVEN, under Austrian, Erich Hörtnagl’s direction, is a bold and excellent criminal drama that displays the depth of Fossum’s characters and at the same time gives the story a new life. As the action progresses, the suspense is wound up on several planes, in a typically “Fossumesque” way. And when the sparks fly in the film, they fly on the human plane.

WAP FILMLISTEN: (9 star rating on a scale of 1-10). This is a perfect Easter thriller. Everything works in DEN SOM FRYKTER ULVEN… a splendidly good film. It keeps up the suspense to the very last second and even those who have read the book and know the ending, are kept on the edge of their seats. Fantastic direction and acting.

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