Details of production


TV2: 6 Star rating. DEN SOM FRYKTER ULVEN: The latest film version of Karin Fossum’s novel is a masterpiece of a thriller. The film has everything; undisguised humour, intense drama, a beautiful love story, tough action and not least of all, intense, consistent suspense. The plot is sharp and strong. Hörtnagl has created a modern and fresh thriller of the highest quality. A Norwegian film is thereby amongst the hottest cinema properties again right now. A Norwegian film to make Easter more enjoyable than sun, skiing and snow.

SPIRIT: 6 Star rating. A slick psychological roller coaster ride that one neither can nor will jump off. Frightening and hypnotising, it glues the eye to the screen. Not since the Danish “Night watchman” ten years ago has there been such a good thriller in Scandinavia . Quite simply – unnervingly good.

AFTENPOSTEN: A stylish thriller. Get up and go action. Superb cast. It is seldom that roles are so brilliantly cast. Hypnotic, almost to breaking point……a pulsating film.


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