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– 2017-2018: ”West of Liberty” with Erich as Producer for the international TV-series with 6 episodes for SVT and ZDF

– 2017: Awarded with Gold-Award 2017 at the Swedish Media Festival for the shortfilm ”Myanmar – the land of golden hopes”

– 2017: Line Producer for the feature film ”Young Astrid”

– 2017: Erich as Photographer for the book ”Desire Lido”, written by Alois Schöpf

– 2016: Line Producer for TV-serial ”The Fall” (TV-serial with 8 episodes)

– 2016: Erich and Ewa exhibited paintings and sculptures at the Forum Örkelljunga, Sweden

– 2016 Executive Producer and Line Producer for Moving-Sweden-project „2060“

– 2015 Erich was starting up „Farang“ (TV-serial with 10 episodes) as Line Producer.

– 2014-2015 Line producer for „Thicker than water, 2. season“ (TV-serial with 10 episodes)

– November/december 2013 – Erich participates at the art-exhibition “Wood” at the gallery Grafiska Sällskapet in Stockholm, Sweden.

– November/december 2013 – Erich participates at the art-exhibition “Art under pressure“with internationally renowned artists as Per Kirkeby, Tony Cragg and H.M. Sonja, Queen of Norway, at the gallery Stolper + Friends in Oslo, Norway. In collaboration with Atelje Larsen (see: Stolper + Friends)

– February 2013 Erich and Ewa exhibited paintings, graphics and sculptures at the Art Hall Tomarps Kungsgård in Kvidinge, Sweden.



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